Essex County Family Justice Center—the first Family Justice Center in the State of New Jersey—was established in 2010 to provide accessible and coordinated services

to victims of domestic violence.


The Family Justice Center model is designed to reduce the barriers and fragmentation of existing services and meet the diverse needs of victims by bringing government and non-government agencies together in one place.  The U.S. Department of Justice Office on Violence Against Women recognizes the model as a best practice in the field of domestic violence intervention and prevention.

Since opening in 2010, over 8,000 individuals have made more than 20,000 visits to Essex County Family Justice Center to receive coordinated and comprehensive services to restore safety, support, dignity, and hope for themselves and their children.  


Essex County Family Justice Center is open to all victims and survivors of domestic or intimate partner violence in Essex County, regardless of gender, race, age, culture, marital status, sexual orientation, immigration status, or disability.


“This is the safest place to feel everything, the pain, the shame, fear, and healing”

“It has been so helpful to finally have people to share my story with and discussing about it and helped me get over some [of] the pain.”

“With all the abuse this place is so wonderful, helpful. A safe place.”