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What's the purple ribbon for?

October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month --a time to reflect and honor victims and survivors, to educate our friends and community, and to take a stand to end abuse and homicide. The FJC is displaying purple ribbons throughout Essex County to serve as a symbol for the many individuals and families affected by abuse and to remind us all that abuse lives in silence and isolation. By taking a stand, we are shining a light on the issue and eliminating the stigma and effects domestic violence has on a community.

The FJC Purple Ribbon Campaign is led by the Essex County VOICES Chapter, whose mission is to raise awareness about domestic violence by sharing stories of their survival and hope. If you see VOICES members hanging ribbons in your community, please feel free to come talk to us to learn more about what we're doing.

Join our campaign by posting purple ribbons in your community during October or wear a purple ribbon on Thursday, October 24th.  Share your pictures with friends to help raise awareness for domestic violence.  #FJCPurpleRibbon #PurpleThursday


Contact Danielle Francois, VOICES Coordinator, to discuss more ways to get involved.