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Help a Friend

Victims of domestic violence are facing increased isolation and danger during this challenging time and reaching out for safety and support may be difficult if not impossible. 

If you know a victim of domestic violence, you can help by making an anonymous call to 973-230-7229 to get safety tips and information on available services. FJC advocates will not ask for your name or the name of the victim, but they will answer your questions and guide you through safety planning strategies for domestic violence victims during the COVID-19 public health crisis.


simple but powerful things you can communicate to a friend, family member, or coworker you believe is in an abusive relationship…

You don't deserve
to be treated this way.

I am afraid for your safety.

I am afraid for the safety of your children.

There is

help available.

I am here for you when you want
to get help.

Are you worried your friend is in an abusive relationship? contact us, and we can offer advice on how to proceed.

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